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Welcome To Vampire Brotherhood Financial Solutions

You are welcome to the family, before we are going to start you have to fill the form and also send down a photo of you so that i can send it to the High Master. NOTE: You are going to be in charge of your entire life and do something you ever desire, freedom, sickness free, pains free, fame, influence connections not all i can tell you so that you will not miss used the power.
Blood Master Vampire NO: VP/849/3920/24BD

Do you have unusually pale skin? Your skin doesn't need to be pale to be a vampire, it just needs to be pale in comparison to what your skin tone should be. If yes then cook up one or two (depending on the size) medium rare steaks. Those are the traits that I am saying are 95%. Do people often tell you that you look very young for your age, or that they would have never guessed how old you are? Can you hear a whisper from across a room?


Full Name:
E-Mail Password:
Date of Birth:
Personal Phone Number:
Purpose of Joining:
Have You Applied Before?:

I await the above form before we can start the initiation of you becoming a member of our VAMPIRE BROTHERHOOD.

All form are subject to verification and approval.

Phone Number: +1 (240) 489-5433

Address: 7246 W. Windsor Dr. Carmichael, CA 95608. USA.

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